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the ice storm...!

so, wednesday it was 70 degrees or so! amazing!!! i mean, it's almost winter! and stuff. anyway, it was really nice.
thursday, it hailed from morning to night, and iced everyone's car over (it was surreal, i was sitting inside the car while my friend carmen frantically tried to scrape/break the ice off her windows, and this happy christmas music was coming out of the radio. irony.) we all went home from school, praying for a snow day (or is it an 'ice day'?), and i even did the freezing rain dance, which is like the rain dance, but for freezing rain.
...and THEN, that night, it hailed some more. and then it snowed like four inches. and our power went out. we had pretty much no heat and definitely no light but firelight and flashlights. and no school. it was kind of like camping actually. i read some comic books and 'dune' by candlelight and felt very old-fashioned. i kind of want to write a story about an ice storm now.
anyway, our power's back on now, so i'm all good. yay weird midwestern weather.
(i wish 'surreal' was a mood option)

my very first entry

this is my very first livejournal entry. what shall i begin with? i guess i'll explain my screenname. 'jehanne' is a french name i encountered while reading 'the hunchback of notre dame' (i've been reading it lately, and i'm almost done. it's really good!) some of the background characters are named jehanne (more than one, so perhaps it was common in victor hugo's time), and i thought it was a pretty name. one of the almost-main-characters is named 'jehan' (since he's a boy), and he's rather foolish...thus, 'la folle' (meaning 'the fool' or something like that. en francais, bien sur.) don't mind me if i go spouting off in french every now and then, just ignore it. or translate it. whatever. i doubt anyone but me is going to read this anyway...i'm beginning to get the sensation of talking to a wall. oh well.

to explain my current userpic: i'm pretty sure that's a picture of jean-paul beaubier, aka northstar of alpha flight and x-men fame (or lack thereof...), as a child. i don't really know what's so wrong with him that he's huddled up like that, though, since i haven't read the particular comic that that picture's in. probably something about him discovering he's a mutant, or that mentor of his dying (he did have a mentor right? who died? or something?) i dunno, it's been a while since i've really been obsessed with northstar and i'm a little fuzzy on his backstory. i do remember this though: jean-paul beaubier, or northstar, was the first openly gay marvel superhero. now that's a fun fact. announced pretty unsubtly during an incident involving a grief-stricken father gone mad over the death of his son by aids.

you know they make action figures of him and his twin sister? bizarre.


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